Blog Article: March 3, 2021

Sure, your smartphone can do almost everything but make breakfast, but did you know it can safely replace your credit and debit cards? No more lugging around a billfold or fumbling through cards and cash in your purse. With the evolve Federal Credit Union Mobile Wallet, your phone becomes your passport to CONTACT FREE purchases!

I know what you are thinking: Is it SAFE? Yep!

  • Your evolve FCU Mobile Wallet safely stores credit card and debit card information in our SECURE encrypted app. Because of the two-factor identification, your mobile wallet is potentially safer than carrying physical cards and cash.
  • Oh, here are a few more layers of protection! The first is provided by the device itself, which includes passcodes and biometric authentication such as fingerprints or facial recognition. The second is data encryption supplied by a merchant’s payment processor. Any time a consumer pays by mobile wallet, a one-time coded version of the card is used to authorize payment, valid only for the current transaction. Hackers cannot access consumers’ sensitive data because the financial information is not transferred at the time of the transaction.

EASY? You bet!

  • evolve’s Mobile Wallet provides a convenient, CONTACT FREE way to pay for goods and services with just your smartphone, smartwatch, or another compatible device, like a tablet.
  • The evolve Mobile Wallet can manage ALL your evolve credit and debit cards, and since it eliminates having to carry physical cards, it can reduce fraud.

Worth my TIME? Of course!

  • evolve not only wants to save you money, but time as well! With your mobile wallet you only need to present your phone, and you are free to go in seconds. Unlike chip and pin cards, consumers are free to put their phone away while the transaction processes. Say bye-bye to inserting a card, punching in PIN codes, and swiping!

How do I GET STARTED? Simple!

First, you will need to be an evolve Federal Credit Union member to utilize these services. If you are not, become a member today by clicking here.

Next, click on the link(s) below that directly apply to your devices for step-by-step instructions for downloading your Mobile Wallet.

Once your evolve FCU Mobile Wallet is downloaded, you can start making safe, CONTACT FREE TRANSACTIONS!

Questions? Our Service Support Center at (915)593.5866 is ready to help. As always, feel free to reach out and let us know how we can help!